Propose a Special Interest Group

We proposed in the call for papers some topics but the list is not exhaustive.

We offer you the opportunity to create a special interest group (SIG) on a new topic or a very specific topic that you can manage and chair.

For example:

“Fintech and Future of Financial Services”

“Digital Marketing and Consumer Confidence”

“Digital Ventures and Innovative Collaborations”


It means that you will have the responsibility to promote your SIG, collect and select papers and organize the SIG that you will chair.

We look forward to receiving your proposals for SIG. You will facilitate the development of research and of papers that matter.

We will present and promote your SIG on our Website.



Propose a SIG for the conference by sending an email to

This proposal should include

• a compelling argument of the proposed topic’s relevance and opportunity

• a list of potential reviewers, and promotion networks

Deadline for proposal: February, 10, 2018.



If your proposal is accepted, actively promote your SIG through your own networks on behalf of the DIF conference, highlighting the opportunity to submit research papers for the topic you are proposing. You are expected to issue your own call for papers that have to be coordinated in terms of styling and content with the DIF conference.

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